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dimanche 21 août 2011

Ventless ethanol fireplace A-fire: new electronic ethanol burner remote controlled

Before there was mess tins filled with bioethanol, now there is electronic ethanol fireplaces remote controlled !!!
If you like a real fire, a real flame try an electronic ethanol fireplace remote controlled A-FIRE. No more constraint.

A-fire creates secure and comfortable products.
For your safety  ethanol fireplaces are electronically managed. CO² sensor, level sensor, gauge, heat sensor, etc. will stop the ethanol burner in case of abnormal operation. This is really positive security...
For your comfort, you have just to prees on remote control for an automatic ignition of your vent free fireplace.
That's it !
Rethink fire! Ventless fireplaces "A-fire" without flue, without constraint...

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