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lundi 18 octobre 2010

Rethink the fire! Introducing the new ecological electronic ethanol burner remote controlled.

Wish you could enjoy an evening in front of the fire, but you don’t have a fireplace?
Well now you can!
Introducing the new ecological electronic ethanol burner remote controlled. It can be installed anywhere and do not produce any smoke.
Press on the remote control and the flames will appear automatically, real flames without fume or ash. “A-fire” created a range of electronic ethanol burner without flue easy to install, easy to use.  This is an electronic ventless burner is really odorless.  A new generation of electronic burner ("to embed") which allows creating a cozy atmosphere, a trendy decor. This electronic burner can be installed in any room, any space. This electronic burner remote controlled to insert offers the possibility for designers, architects, interior designers, builders, fireplace manufacturers, furniture manufacturers to create new decors, new modular designs. This electronic burner remote controlled allows flexibility and variety of set up installation. It doesn't require a flue; as this electronic burner is ventless and odorless it can be use in both residential and commercial premises.  A-fire creates a gel burners range and electronic vent free burner remote controlled range which is without constraint.
A-fire electronic remote controlled burner burning alcohol operates according to a completely innovative and unique technology of the current market. The remote burner and the tank are separate; the flame is in contact only with a very limited quantity of alcohol. Between the tank and the ethanol burner an integrated pump allows automatic completion. Everything is electronically controlled with securities detectors. The ignition is made automatically by switch or remote control, with electrodes embedded inside the burner. You don’t need to be close to flame.
This electronic ethanol burner is environmentally friendly running on alcohol, a green renewable energy. The advantage of vegetable alcohol is that the rejected carbonic gas was initially drawn from the air by the sugar plant or the plant with starch (corn, etc). The cycle is thus virtuous since the resultant of CO ² release in nature is equal to zero.
Now the possibilities to use fire for decoration changes with electronic ethanol burners remote controlled. It is closer to what you desire in a true decorative design.
Rethink fire!    

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