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mardi 5 octobre 2010

Title: Electronic ethanol fireplace for the distributors.
The new safety standards taken out in many European countries and to the United States return henceforth the use of one bio safe and pleasant fireplace.
There are still products which look like more mess tins which we fill with ethanol, that in electronic ethanol fireplace. These old products are dangerous. But the market tends to stabilize with the arrival of new products completely managed by electronics.
At first the electronic fireplace ignites with a remote control or by pressing on a button of putting on, returning the ignition and the really easy extinction and without danger (through electrodes incorporated into the burner).
On the other hand the detectors of multiple safeties ((CO ², heat, blocking of the trapdoor of filling during the functioning etc.) definitively create the necessary conditions of a use without risk of an electronic ethanol fireplace.
The beauty of a real fire which we can install without constraint in about any place (refer in the conditions of use) because it does not require a duct indeed has of what to seduce. No smoke, no ash, no dust, no smell.
The new electronic ethanol fireplace is henceforth a mature product in an affordable price because produced in much bigger quantity. We begin to find it in all the networks of classic distribution, if however we take care of verifying that these new elements of safeties are included well.
Now a thing is sure finished the burden of log. Now with a simple press on the remote control, beautiful orange- yellow flames will give life in your evenings …
A market that will know how to set distributors, professionals, do-it-yourself networks, the garden centers networks, department stores etc., to offer to their customers the pleasure of this new range of electronic ethanol fireplace with true fire, true flames.

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