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dimanche 14 décembre 2014

Design Bio Ethanol Fireplaces & Hearths 2015: Inserts and Burners to Be embeded

In 2015 numerous trends show that bio ethanol hearths join the ideas of eco-friendly development and housing improvement. With their ease of installation these contemporary fireplaces are at the same time ecological and simple of use. The fashion house dedicates them more and more space with the custom of remote controlled bio ethanol burner inserts. AFIRE is one of the leader on this trend.

Long bio ethanol inserts: an attractiveness in the modern designs

The range AFIRE integrates devices of all the lengthes and shapes. The idea being to adapt itself to the design of the room in which bio fireplace is settled. It is not any more the hearth which dictates the design, this one adapts itself to the universe of the created fire.

AFIRE a contemporay fire for a modern use

As all the modern objects, bio-fire are easy to use. No more duties to supply its fireplace with logs, it is simply enough to fill the reservoir of bio-alcohol and to press on a button to start flames. Moreover, the use of wooden fireplaces  is unfortunately more and more restricted by the various rules and regulations in the urbanized zones. The ecological fireplaces thus see their numbers in constant increase. It should be noted that many products are simple bio alcohol tinswhich are dangerous to fill, to switch on and off. The contemporary automatic bio ethanol burner insert AFIRE is endowed with numerous electronic safeties which allow to command and to use these modern devices in a safe way.

Why it is easy to install ventless fireplaces, vent-free bio burners & fire ribbons

The answer which immediately occurs it is that it is not useful to install an exhaust duct. The alcohol by burning does not produce nuisances. We can thus set up simply all types of bio - inserts  without heavy works of installation. The offered perspectives are unlimited both for the conditions of installation and for the Design. Secondly the assembly is also very simple. It is necessary to create a fire space with its own decoration and to embed the insert of its choice there. Moreover these devices do not require maintenance, a soft rag allows to clean the high  stainless steel plates.

If you wish to receive further information on these contemporary devices, contact us at contact@a-fire.com and visit our two main pages:

AFIRE, safe and design ventless ethanol burner inserts and fire ribbons range
AFIRE contemporary vent-free bio ethanol fireplaces range
AFIRE rethink the fire and light up your dreams!

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