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lundi 3 mars 2014

Remote controlled ethanol burners: a new idea of modern & design fireplaces

Would the fire have got lost in cities and more and more urbanized towns? No. The fireplace, the area of pleasure and creativity makes a strong comeback in the modern housing environment with electronic and secured bio ethanol  burner inserts.

Design ethanol fireplaces or burner inserts: a modern hearth ready to install

The ventless hearth choice

The real advantage of a modern hearth is mainly due to the fact that it is not any more necessary to install a chimney for the evacuation of smokes. This simplicity of installation is due to the bioethanol characteristics (pure alcohol from 95 to 97 %). Indeed this fuel when it burns doesn't create smokes, soots or spots. Furthermore it is part of renewable energies and is often produced in its region of use. This technical advance allows to settle a bio ethanol fireplace in any kind of house in town or countryside residence and this without constraints. 
You have now to determine the choice of your hearth.
There is two possibilities: You can settle an ethanol fireplace ready to install but you can also decide to personalize your hearth by creating a decoration in your style and embed a bioethanol burner insert.

The electronic safety choice

At the beginning of 2000s the vent-free fireplaces was made with a frame and a can filled with alcohol. A few years later, the ethanol tanks apper. All these devices was manually ignited or closed. These ventless burners were improved  near 2010s. The real technical revolution of the remote-controlled electronic ethanol burner was born. It is not any more question maintaining of a mess tin more or less easy to open and to close and dangerous to manually ignite But of a modern system of  electronic ethanol hearths where the tank and the combustion chamber are separated. Endowed with an automatic ignition by electrode it does not any more require to approach the hands of the fire to start the device. A pump electronically managed fill up the small burner and flames are automatically stopped in case of malfunction. Moreover the tank access  is condemned when the device is functionning or too hot, for a secure filling.
You can see now that the safety is one of the main interest of these new modern ethanol fireplaces electronically managed.

The simple and safe modern command choice

Finished flash in the starting up and the fears which they cause. With the new generations of electronic ethanol fireplaces, all you need to do is press on a button of command. Three possibilities: you can use the buttons on the top plate of the device, you can press on the remote control or you can create a remote command with the dry contact on the edge of the hearth. This las element is very useful with the mobile or home automation applications. It should be noted that there is absolutely necessary to be present during the starting up of the fire in the room where the device is ignited for safety reasons.

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