A-FIRE fireplaces, ethanol burner

lundi 4 octobre 2010

Rethink fire

« What would I take with me if fire burnt down my home ? The fire….. »
Jean Cocteau

Mankind dreaming at his fireplace becomes imaginative. The fireplace gives him a future, a consciousness, a spark of heavenly blaze. This is the first phenomenon mankind’s mind has been thinking about. However, mankind has migrated to loneliness cities and the art-of-fire has been lost.

Re+hink  fire

It does make it, doesn’it ?

As Bachelard said, what has been touched by fire tastes differently to mankind. Fire is ultra-alive. Fire is intimate and universal.  It lives in our heart. It lives in the sky. It emanates from the deepness of the subtance and offers itself like love. It disappears into the matter, hiding itself, in latency, restrained like hatred and vengeance. Among all known phenomena, it is indeed the only one gathering two contradictory profound values : good and evil.  It is shining in heaven and burning in hell. It is both sweatness and torture. It is a terrific God, good and bad. It can contradict itself : it is, therefore, one of the principles for universal explanation.

We have started to create a laboratory of fire in order to experiment fire from alcohol and create new urban fireplaces. Alcohol is a renewable, clean, and an universal energy which delivers only what has been gained from nature. Why not re-invent an evening gathering, an urban evening gathering, sitting down together around the fire in a fashionable bar or in an intimate home, in a Hong Kong hotel or in a New York skyscripper, in a Qatar palace or in the Munich suburbs.
The Pheonix is going to rise from the ashes.

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