A-FIRE fireplaces, ethanol burner

mercredi 15 août 2012

Ventless fireplaces create your vent free fireplace ethanol burner A-FIRE

Freely, imagine your vent free fireplace, your vent free fireplaces with remote control. A simple and easy installation. There is plenty of ethanol burners in the A-FIRE range, select the good one for you or feel free to ask a bespoken ethanol burner. A real design fire!

A-Fire the simply way to create you space-area with a built-in bioethanol burner ! Rethink fire


http://www.a-fire.com/Home.aspx A new way to create your ventless fireplace your remote controlled vent free fireplace is to embed a bio ethanol burner A-FIRE. Safety sensors (CO², heat, levels, etc.) will secure your ethanol fireplace. A-FIRE is a specialized manufacturer in the field of bio ethanol burners and vent free fireplace. A new modern and design fireplace that you can install everywhere.

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