A-FIRE fireplaces, ethanol burner

dimanche 6 janvier 2013

Round electronic ethanol burner with remote control A-FIRE

You would like a fireplace but you live in an appartment... In a city with no passibilities to find wood... You don't like constraint... This bio ethanol burner is for you

Imagine your own ventless fireplace and buid it. Simply create a decoration and insert a bioethanol hearth A-FIRE. Electronic and remote controlled, all the ethanol inserts A-FIRE are easy to embed. In a few minute you will own your vent free hearth. Now you have just to switch on with the remote control to ignite your bioethanol insert. A-FIRE rethink Fire!  contact  www.a-fire.com
Email: contact@a-fire.com

BR72 A-FIRE Round bioethanol burner with electronic ignition and remote control

2 commentaires:

  1. Tak så meget for en stor post. Jeg vil gerne vide mere om disse emner, og håber at jeg kan få mere indsigt i dette emne.

  2. A good remote controlled ethanol burner, hihg end and expensive but a good ventless solution