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samedi 26 juillet 2014

Stylish Electronic Ventless Bio Ethanol Burner Inserts & Fireplaces range

In the city and suburb there is a new way to imagine the pleasure of the fire. You can now create your design fireoplace area by embedding a remote controlled ventless burner insert. 

Design Fireplaces: a new way to install it with a bio ethanol burner insert

Gone are the time when you need to build a chimney to install your hearth. Nowadays the fire points are simple and don't bother you with the constraints. Just press a button to switch on your device and flames will appear in a gify... 
Design ideas is the most difficult thing you have to invent... But don't worry you can hire a designer, an interior decorator or a building professional to create your fire area. This is the best way to be guaranteed of a design installation which fits perfectly within your stylish interior
AFIRE offers you a extensive line of remote controlled burner insert to create your stylish fireplace. Insert your device into its housing and connect it. The compact lightweight design is very easy to use and service.

Innovation doesn't mean having a new idea but no longer having an old one
The new AFIRE devices are safe. A range of electronic detectors equip all the apparatus and switch of flames in case of abnormal operation. The AFIRE vent free burner inserts can be installed everywhere within a minute. Perfectly insulated the device is cold (obviously not the flame) and can be inserted in any material (wood, marble, gypsum, stone, etc.). You just need to be careful of the above surronding by installing non-flammable materials.

If you need further information you can contact us through our web site or by Emailing us: contact@a-fire.com. You can also find the AFIRE range: vent-free electronic bio ethanol burner inserts with remote control

Imagine the Fire and light-up your dreams!

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