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jeudi 25 septembre 2014

Modern & Design Fireplace Installed with a Bio Ethanol Burner Insert

Now it is possible to install your contemporary ventless fireplace with an AFIRE automatic bio ethanol burner insert endowed with electronics and remote control. You don't need a flue or a chimney to settle these new inserts that can fit easily and quickly any kind of living room or commercial premises. Electronic and remote controlled these bioethanol hearths arise from a new concept: use the fire in a constraint-free way. a FIRE without installation, easy to use.

Bio ethanol hearths: the automatic electronic safeties

If we want to be able to use a ventless fireplace in a flat or a house located in urban areas, it is absolutely necessary to choose automatic safeties which stop the device in case of the detection of an abnormal operation or an environment issue. It is also important to be careful during the ignition of your device and do not approach the hands close the flame. Lastly the completion of the tank can present risks with manual devices which are not endowed neither with automatic trap door, nor with heat sensors. For several years AFIRE conceives secure vent-free inserts equipped with electronic detectors. These sensors shut down flames in case of danger and prevent the opening of the trap door if the device is too hot. Moreover a simple press on the device button or on the remote control switch on or off the bioethanol hearth.

Automatic ethanol burner insert: design and technology

High technology doesn't mean complicated device. This is the opposite with the AFIRE's products. Fill up the tank and press the remote control with some 95-97 % bio-alcohol, that's it. These simple gestures allow to spend a wonderful evening front your constraint-free automatic fire. No more traditional duties! A modern device must absolutely be simple for a daily use even if its conception recovers from an advanced high technology. These bio inserts allow you to promote a better design rather than the constraints of installation. Designers, builders can freely embed these fireplaces into new houses or for home improvement. Just need to insert the device in the chosen decoration. That's it!

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